Mind/Body Fusion

Barre Above: 8 Hour Instructor Training

Barre is the hottest method of training since the Pilates boom!! This is one of the safest methods of Barre training for the fitness professional that will not over utilize the student's hip flexors creating low back pain or even injuries. Ours focuses on the body's ability to lengthen against gravity and applied functional exercises for all levels of students.

• You do not have to be a classical dancer to appreciate the movement of vertical training for stronger legs butt and back utilizing Gliding™, Bender Ball™.

• You will be able to lead a successful Bender Barre Method class that your students will be coming back for more

• The best part is there is no Barre required which requires the student to be focused on the goal of each and every exercise creating fantastic results!

Equipment: LCD projector, screen, Bender Ball to student ratio (1:1)

*Can be a master class.

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