Mind/Body Fusion


Are you hankering for something new to totally challenge your 9am diehards, you know the group, we want our “seats” lifted, our legs sinewy and long, arms svelte and sinewy and abs ready to wear those skinny jeans? Look no further! Learn how to innovatively blend in the best concepts of yoga, dance, active flexibility and muscular endurance and strength into your classes with minimal equipment, minus the Ballet barre. This low impact program effectively firms, tones, lengthens and shapes muscles to their optimum form. BARRE Bootcamp restores core muscle function to its rightful place in bodily movement: a dynamic base from which the four limbs perform, strong, centered and long.

Equipment: LCD projector, screen, equipment to student ratio: mini Pilates balls (1:1) ratio per student, dumbbells (2:1) per student, Gliding Discs to student ratio (2:1)

*Can be a master class.

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