Aquatic Arsenal 101

Noodles, buoyancy dumbbells, gloves, kick boards, dumbbells, tubing... what to use and when? Your equipment tool belt can be varied and diverse, what physiological training effect are you trying to enhance or manipulate? What properties of the water must you consider in terms of equipment choice and selection? Refresh your understanding of the function, purpose, limitations, properties, safety factors and biomechanics of your tools of the trade. Review the 5 general categories aquatic equipment falls into; assisted and resisted movements; agonist and antagonist muscle relationships, muscle actions and multiple plane movement. Create a totally FUN, full body workout incorporating one, two or all of your equipment. Learn how to adapt land based equipment to the aquatic environment, quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. Give your participants a more thorough individualized workout with the toys they get to play with!

Equipment: LCD projector, screen, equipment to student ratios: noodles (1:1), buoyancy barbells (2:1), gloves (2:1), kick boards(1:1), medicine ball (1:1), and tubing (1:1). (equipment:student ratio), doesn’t need to incorporate all pieces of equipment, mix and match.

*Can be a master class.

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