Athletic Conditioning


It’s just you and your ball, rather 2 balls, as you explore the training possibilities of using a stability ball and medicine ball separately and together. CORE is the focus here as Jeff expertly leads you through a plethora of full body conditioning movements that can be used independently with your personal training clients or grouped together into a class format. Experience and learn different exercise sequences per section to increase your working knowledge of the CORE. Explore the unique characteristics the medicine ball utilizes in terms of boosting resistance, cardiovascular power, and promoting longer/shorter lever movements. Learn new balance exercises and full range of motion sequences using the stability ball. Walk away with enough nuggets you can use immediately as part of your fitness based repertoire, with enough progressions for all fitness levels. Great for group exercise instructors or personal trainers.

Equipment: LCD projector, screen, stability ball 45cm or 55cm to student ratio (1:1), and a 4# or 6# medicine ball to student ratio (1:1)

*Can be a master class.

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