Athletic Conditioning

JumpSport®: BOUNCE Athletic Sports Performance Circuit

The BOUNCE is back and it’s time to give total athletic training a new twist! Simulate true sport-specific training utilizing your own body weight, battling ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, the JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline and the new PlyoFit™ Adapter Kit. Great for all fitness levels and abilities, explore the concepts of circuit and interval training and metabolically enhance your training arsenal with new drills and skills that emphasize balance, explosive power, speed, agility, dynamic range of motion, and reactive neuromuscular response. Learn to teach new sport-specific sequences that are multi-planar, CORE based and FUN – a time efficient technique that guarantees results and revives you with fresh, new ideas, sure to enhance your students’ or small group training clients’ sports training regimes. Put on your best game face and give your fee based programming a BOOST!

Equipment: LCD projector, screen, JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline ratio to student (1:1), kettlebell ratio to student (1:1) (5# or 7# pound option), battling rope (1:5) (1 set per 5 participants based on class size), PlyoFit™ Adapter Kit (1:5) (1 per 5 participants), medicine ball to student ratio (1:1) (4# or 6# option)

*Can be a master class.

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