Dance & Cardiovascular Conditioning


Come and experience the “sensual” side of dance. Grab a sexy rhythm, add sultry arm work, extra hips, and dance for a freestyle cardio workout that is “extra hot”! INTENSUality is inspired by burlesque and erotic dance movement but no experience is required. Experience a synergistic blend of choreography cardio segments, seamlessly woven together between blocks of body weight muscle conditioning work with a little something extra. Elements of aerobics, dance, Pilates, yoga and functional movement patterns are combined to teach you the fundamentals of a slow, stylized and very sexy striptease performance. Empower your students to improved confidence, body awareness, and self esteem. Leave your ego at the door, turn down the lights and step inside for an INTENSuality delight.

Equipment: LCD projector, screen

*Can be a master class.

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